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Sentient Sculpt™


Solace Med Spa is excited to offer a game-changing treatment for both men and women who are bothered by the appearance of unwanted fat, loose skin, and cellulite.

This device is designed to destroy fat and cellulite all while tightening skin at the same time.

Introducing Sentient Sculpt™, a device that uses microwave energy to target fat and cellulite deep in the tissue while also working to tighten skin at the surface.

Sentient Sculpt Benefits

·      Fat reduction with skin tightening

·      Reduces and permanently destroys fat and cellulite

·      Improves skin laxity by triggering collagen production

·      Tightens and firms loose skin

·      Little to no discomfort during treatment

·      Built-in cooling system to maximize comfort

·      Long-lasting results

What Areas Can Be Treated?

·      Stomach

·      Love Handles (Flanks)

·      Upper Arms

·      Buttocks

·      Bra Fat

·      Thighs

Treatment & Results

Visible skin tightening will begin to appear 30 days after your first treatment, with further improvement over 3 months. (A handful of clients have noticed results sooner than 30 days). Fat and cellulite reduction results will take 8-12 weeks for maximum results. As the fat cells and fibrous bands in the dermis that cause cellulite dimples are broken down, your dermis will also begin to generate new collagen, resulting in smoother, firmer skin over time. The dissolved fat and tissue are metabolized by your body over time and flushed out naturally by your lymphatic system. Treatments can be done once every 4 weeks. We recommend 3-4 treatments for best results in most areas.